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Yasmin Davis is a Miami-based real estate professional. Yasmin specializes in residential real estate, leveraging the latest real estate technology and drawing from her knowledge of the wants and needs of clientele to match them with their dream properties. Yasmin has additional experience in design, staging, and minor construction/ renovation work. Through her years in the space, she has helped hundreds of buyers with each step of the homebuying process as well as empowered them to make their homes better reflect themselves after purchase.

Yasmin Davis of Miami has built a reputation within her industry for her extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and its many surrounding neighborhoods. Yasmin’s dedication to quality client service, willingness to teach others what she has learned about the real estate market, and ability to help individuals feel comfortable and supported as they explore the industry are commonly mentioned reasons why she is sought after for assistance.

According to Yasmin, one of her favorite parts of her job is seeing clients light up as they find properties that they can see themselves in for years to come. Yasmin’s commitment to people and profound interest in helping them make the most of their decisions in real estate have inspired her to learn all there is to know about the business, evolving markets, and the diverse needs of those who are exploring purchasing property.

Yasmin Davis of Miami Explores Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Yasmin Davis

As a real estate agent with years of experience, Yasmin Davis of Miami has helped many people with the decision of choosing the best professional possible for their needs. While there are many things to consider, ultimately finding the right agent can be a simple process if you know what to look for and how to leverage the tools that are available to you.

Provided below are a few insightful tips for choosing the right real estate agent.

Know What Criteria You are Looking For

Knowing the criteria that you are looking for in an agent is a great place to start, because you want to be sure that the professional you partner with is well equipped to handle your needs as you explore the market. Ideally, you will start the search with real estate agents who specializes in the neighborhood or type of property that you are looking for. Each real estate agent has their own areas of expertise, and you will want to know the neighborhoods, city, home types, budgets, etc. that of clients that they usually work with if possible.

Yasmin Davis of Miami encourages potential buyers to be wary of some criteria that seem attractive at first glance but may not mean great success in the long run. For example, some realtors have distinctions as “premier” agents are bought and are not necessarily reflective of their skills, experience level, or reputation. Additionally, many recommend avoiding professionals who regularly represent both buyers and sellers. The reason being these agents are contractually obligated to uphold the needs of both parties. This can mean that you do not get the best deal possible.

Ask for Referrals

Potential homebuyers who have friends or family that have bought homes in the areas they are considering buying property in can certainly use them as a resource for real estate agent referrals. They can let you know about their experience working with the professional and may even be able to provide an introduction. Yasmin finds that the internet can also be a source for referrals provided you have people whose opinions you trust on your social media channels.

Conduct Some Research

When you have a few real estate agents in your area to choose from, the internet can be an extremely effective tool for researching potential candidates and matching with the professional who best fits your needs. Pay close attention to their online presence, check their website and social media accounts, and take note of recent reviews. Yasmin Davis of Miami mentions that, during the research phase, it is important to check with your state’s real estate regulator and the Better Business Bureau for confirmation that the agent is licensed. This due diligence check can also shed light on any potential disciplinary actions they may be facing.

Yasmin Davis Miami

Interview Your Top Picks

After you’ve conducted research on the real estate agents that you may want to work with, it is time to interview your top picks. Having questions in mind before the interview can be helpful for asking the right things and really getting a feel for what the agent has to offer. Simple questions about how much they know the city or neighborhood, how much of their business is comprised of referrals, how many years of experience they have, and their number of homes sold this year can be good places to start.

Check References

Assuming that you have decided on an agent that appears to best fit your needs, you always want to check their references for authenticity and as a means to better understand their track record. Asking for references from previous clients can be helpful for this, but prospective homebuyers can use online means as well to check their websites, online reviews, and ultimately get a clearer picture of their work ethic and the general experience of working with them.

Trust Your Gut

While making any important financial decision, trusting your gut is vital. If everything checks out but you do not feel comfortable with or fully supported by the real estate agent you are considering, it is completely in your power to go elsewhere. With so many agents out there to choose from, you will be able to find one that you feel truly represents your goals and can help you find the best property possible for the best price. Sometimes the references and referrals just do not perfectly match up with the feeling that you get while speaking with them about important financial matters.

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